What is Moving Moments?

Some moments are wonderful and exciting. Others are painful. Regardless of the kind of moment you’re having right now, God wants to be part of it! 

My passion is to see you move closer to Him as each moment occurs. It might be while watching a breathtaking sunset or when you are going through difficult times. 

See, when we bring God into our moments, we view things from a different perspective. And, when that happens, not only will we be encouraged, we'll be a beacon of hope and inspiration to others! 

 As you hear to these stories, listen to the spiritual seeds that are planted in your heart. 

 Then ask yourself: How can I Make a Move?


Your Move.

It always begins with a relationship with God's Son, Jesus Christ. 

With Him at your side, you’ll discover your true purpose along with an eternal perspective. But, the door to your heart must be open. And, when it is, you’ll begin to have daily moments with God.

As you embark upon this journey, I want to encourage, inspire and challenge you in your walk of faith. 

Like me, you CAN have Moving Moments with God by taking a simple step of faith. 

 This is Moving Moments. Now it’s YOUR time to make a MOVE!


About Cindy Tang

Moving Moments creator Cindy Tang brings her inspirational stories to life that make you laugh, think and reflect, all at the same time! 

 Cindy started behind the microphone at age 16 when she walked into a  Michigan radio station and asked to be a newscaster. The rest as they say is history. 

As her career grew, she received more than a dozen state and national journalism awards, including best reporter (UPI and AP) to name a few.  She attended Cornerstone University (BA) in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Ohio University (MA) in Athens, Ohio. After leaving the daily grind of newsroom management and college teaching to raise a family,  Cindy pursued voiceover work and even narrated 30 episodes of A Pet Story on Animal Planet.  By the way, some of her former students are now working as reporters at national television and radio networks including CNN and National Public Radio.

Her passion for Christian radio began over a  decade ago on 107.5 Alive in the Philadelphia suburbs where she currently resides.  Cindy enjoys music,  gardening, spending time with her family, and playing with her German Shephard Hogan.  She seeks the Lord daily and encourages others to do the same. 

 She believes all of us can have Moving Moments with God, including YOU!  

 Please contact her to share what God has done for you and how we can keep you in prayer. 
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